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Our Quail, Pheasant & Chukar season runs from October 1st through March 31st.  You do not need an Arkansas hunting license, as we are a licensed preserve.


Arkansas Zone 1-1A

Deer Season
2018 - 2019

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You need an Arkansas hunting license to hunt deer on our farm. Arkansas requires completing a hunter safety course to get your license as well.



We sell live birds to other farms as well as individuals.  Price depends on quantity.  Please

Contact Us for price. 






Quail Mountain hunting preserve and quail farm is located a half hour south of Fayetteville, Arkansas and less than a half hour north of Fort Smith, Arkansas, just off of Interstate 540, in the town of Chester, Arkansas..


From Interstate 540:


  • Take I-540 to Exit #34
  • Take a Right onto Hwy 282 (those coming from the north as well as from the south should take a right after exiting from I-540)
  • Continue traveling West on 282.  You will come into the mighty town of Chester. 
  • Immediately after traveling through town, take a Left onto Old 12 Crossroads. (also called S. Brown; it is first left after Dixson St.  If you get to Rogers St., you have gone too far)
  • Cross over the railroad tracks and continue driving on Old 12 Crossroads.  You will pass a horse farm and will come to a sharp left curve.  After the curve, Quail Mountain Lane will be the first street to your right. 
  • Drive up Quail Mountain Lane and park at the white house and be ready for an exciting day of hunting quail, chukar, and pheasant.




*Please note that your exit from I-540 is not in the upper right hand corner of the map.  There is no exit there.  The interstate curves to the southwest and intersects Hwy 282 at Exit 34.  You will enter this map on Hwy 282, which is on the middle right side of this map.


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