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Our Quail, Pheasant & Chukar season runs from October 1st through March 31st.  You do not need an Arkansas hunting license, as we are a licensed preserve.


Arkansas Zone 1-1A

Deer Season
2018 - 2019

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Call for Info

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Call for Info

You need an Arkansas hunting license to hunt deer on our farm. Arkansas requires completing a hunter safety course to get your license as well.



We sell live birds to other farms as well as individuals.  Price depends on quantity.  Please

Contact Us for price. 






Fine Sporting Artist Ross Young  Ross painted the hunting scene that he allowed us to post on our home page. That painting titled, "Now's the Time," as well as many more from his gallery can be found on his website.  Ross is one of the best painters of hunting scenes as well as hunting dogs.  If you like fine art, you should make a point to check out his website showcasing all of his work. 


Quail Unlimited is America's leader in Quail Conservation.  They were created in 1981 in response to America's dwindling population of quail.  Their vision is to restore America's quail populations for future generations.  Quail Mountain strongly supports Quail Unlimited and recommends that all who participate in quail hunting do the same.


Shotgun World  This site features multiple message boards that can be used to get any hunting question answered by fellow hunters, classifieds for those of you looking to buy or sell anything related to hunting.  You can also get information related to gun care and gun safety.


Sports Vision ConsultantsThis site sells all kinds of eyewear for active sportsmen.  Whether you need prescription glasses or just a good pair of shooting glasses, Sports Visions has you covered.


Water & Woods  Outdoor news, hunting & fishing tips, forums, and online magazine.  If it has to do with hunting, Water & Woods covers it.


Tracker Outdoors - The definitive source for hunting, fishing, gardening, farming, ranching and livestock. We offer an outstanding selection of products and services for sportsmen, outdoorsmen and rural lifestyles. Shop


Whitetails.com   The #1 rated whitetail deer site

The Outdoor Store  Camping/Outdoor gear for less.


Hunting Society   This is simply the best website on the internet when it comes to hunting in general, which includes quail hunting as well as archery.  With nearly 3,000 pages of information, you are sure to find something that you are interested in.


Upland Journal  Finally an online bird hunting magazine with the same tasteful design and classic editorial direction as your favorite printed sporting publication. The
Upland Talk Bulletin Board is a place where you can feel comfortable in muddy
boots, a sweaty shirt with a few twigs down the neck, and a beat-up old game
vest. . .no one-upsmanship here, just real hunters talking about real hunting,
dogs and guns.





Bird Dogs Forever



Phil Lozano Tanzania Trophy Expeditions- www.go-on-safari.com

Phil Lozano Tanzania Trophy Expeditions - Dangerous Big Game Specialists



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