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Our Quail, Pheasant & Chukar season runs from October 1st through March 31st.  You do not need an Arkansas hunting license, as we are a licensed preserve.


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You need an Arkansas hunting license to hunt deer on our farm. Arkansas requires completing a hunter safety course to get your license as well.



We sell live birds to other farms as well as individuals.  Price depends on quantity.  Please

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Quail Mountain offers a full range of hunting options and services to our customers as well as a variety of terrain to fit the experience and physical levels of hunters.  Our bird hunting season runs from October 1st to March 31st and no Arkansas hunting license is needed for quail, pheasant, or chukar hunts.  A valid Arkansas deer license must be presented if you wish to hunt deer on our property.


The following game and services are available at Quail Mountain.  Please see the price guide for cost information.




Quail Hunting – We raise and use only the finest Northern Bobwhite quail, which are strong flyers.  These are the most popular birds for dog training at Quail Mountain and a favorite for hunters in general.  Bobwhites are short distance flyers and dogs may be able to get missed birds up more than once, giving hunters more opportunities to shoot and dogs more chances to perform.


Pheasant Hunting– Our operation produces Chinese Ringneck Pheasants, the most popular hunting pheasant.  Our birds are beautiful, with full tails and bright head and feather color.   A much higher flying bird than quail, pheasants are longer ranging birds, but provide a larger target for hunters.  These are a popular addition to many ground hunts and are used in continental hunts.


Chukar Hunting– Chukar partridges are a fast flying challenge that really can make a hunt entertaining and often humble hunters.  These mid-ranging flyers add a certain degree of difficulty to any hunt, but provide for an exciting day.  Adding a few of these to your hunt will definitely pick up the pace of your hunt.


Deer Hunting– Quail Mountain hosts a very large population of white-tailed deer and several bucks are taken every year.  We have several stands set up around the property along well used deer trails for hunters to use.


Northern Bobwhite Quail

Chinese Ringneck Pheasant


Bobwhite Quail

Chinese Ringneck Pheasant





Bird Hunts – We offer guided and unguided bird hunts as well as the continental tower hunts.  Each of these hunts takes hunting to a different level and each has its own appeal.  Please refer to the tabs on the top right of this site for a full description of our different hunts.


Deer Hunts – Quail Mountain only has deer hunting during the regular Arkansas hunting season in the fall.  Hunters will be charged a “user” fee and then will only pay for a harvested deer.  Hunters must have a valid Arkansas deer hunting license.


Sporting Clays and Trap Range – We have introduced a Sporting Clays range where hunters may shoot from several platforms to improve their accuracy, skill and technique.  Our trap range also provides for a good warm-up for hunters before hunts.


Bird Cleaning – Bird Cleaning is included in all guided and continental hunts and can be purchased per bird for all other hunts.  Cleaning includes-packaging for transport home.


Use of Dogs – Quail Mountain has a fine kennel of trained bird dogs for bird hunts.  In unguided hunts, hunters may use their own dogs. Quail Mountain dogs will only be used in guided hunts.  Our dogs will not be used with other dogs, however. 


Airport Pick-Up – We can arrange for pick-up from both Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Bentonville and from Fort Smith Regional Airport.


Buy Live Birds- Quail Mountain is a quail farm that raises Bob White quail.  You can  buy quail, pheasant, and chukar.  More information can be found in "Live Birds."


Gift Certificates – For that hard to buy someone in your life, Quail Mountain Gift Certificates make the perfect gift.  Certificates come in a decorative folder ready to give to your special hunter.


No deposit is required for booking hunts.  You DO NOT need a license for game-bird hunts.


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