Quail Hunting at its Finest


Our Quail, Pheasant & Chukar season runs from October 1st through March 31st.  You do not need an Arkansas hunting license, as we are a licensed preserve.


Arkansas Zone 1-1A

Deer Season
2014 - 2015

Sep 27 - Sep 28

Oct 18 - Oct 26
Dec 13 - Dec 15

Modern Gun
Nov 11 - Nov 18
Dec 26 - Dec 28

You need an Arkansas hunting license to hunt deer on our farm. Arkansas requires completing a hunter safety course to get your license as well.



We sell live birds to other farms as well as individuals.  Price depends on quantity.  Please

Contact Us for price. 






Click on any image to enlarge.  To see more of the farm see the Video page.


Hunting Group

Hunting Group

Hunting Group

Hunting Group

Hunting Group

Hunting Group

Hunting Group

Group Eating Lunch

Snow at Quail Mtn.

Hunters In Fields

Hunters & Dogs

View from House

One of the Fields

Deer In Woods

Deer In Woods

Continental Field

Hunting In Field

Hunting In Woods

Another Field

Quail Mountain Lane

The White House

Processing Plant

Bird Houses

Inside Bird House

Pheasant Pens

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