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Our Quail, Pheasant & Chukar season runs from October 1st through March 31st.  You do not need an Arkansas hunting license, as we are a licensed preserve.


Arkansas Zone 1-1A

Deer Season
2018 - 2019

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You need an Arkansas hunting license to hunt deer on our farm. Arkansas requires completing a hunter safety course to get your license as well.



We sell live birds to other farms as well as individuals.  Price depends on quantity.  Please

Contact Us for price. 






Quail Mountain introduces a new concept in release hunts which allows you the opportunity to work and train your own dogs.  This type of hunt is perfect if you wish to fine-tune your dog’s skills in certain areas or to work several dogs at once.  In an unguided hunt, we will put the birds out and you and your dogs will be allowed to go at your own pace.  Once you have finished hunting, you may bring back any birds you wish to be cleaned and packaged for a fee per bird.  These hunts allow you to move at your own speed and may be faster or slower than guided hunts depending on hunter and dog experience.  Quail Mountain dogs may also be used in unguided hunts, but our dogs will not be hunted with your dogs to avoid injury.  You are responsible for all care of your dogs including handling, food and water, etc.


With unguided hunts, guests usually purchase a package of birds depending on the number of guns hunting and then many add on extra birds to the hunt for more variety.  Quail packages are our most popular with hunters adding on a few pheasants and/or chukar to provide more excitement to the hunt. 


Hunts usually begin either at 9 am or 1 pm and most hunters stay out for 2-3 hours depending on the number of birds/gun released.  Hunters will be given directions or taken to their designated hunting fields.  Other hunters may be hunting on the farm at the same time, but no groups will be hunting the same fields. 

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